• The Athos™ uniBOT is the robotic system, designed and manufactured by APD, for packaging in unit doses format in a fully automatic way, supporting the optimization of the resources used in the Hospital Pharmacy.

Robotic automatic cutting & repacking system

For any format available in the Pharma industry

Maximum Traceability and Safety

Clear identification of drugs through a unique code and batch control and expiration


Up to 4.5 hours of autonomous operation at full load, without human intervention

Great Versatility

Allowing the cutting of any blister format or the loading of bulk drugs through a special hopper

• The Athos™ uniBOT offers the hospital pharmacist a truly reliable, fast and proven system for the automation of the cutting process of barely any type of blisters, ampoules and vials and its later packaging, with full guarantee of the traceability of the entire process.

The only robotic automatic cutting and repacking system for any format available in the Pharma industry

Key Benefits:

• Automatic identification function of blister packs, vials and ampoules (using 1D / 2D barcode reader and / or RFID reader)


• Cutting of the blister pack and packaging of the units in order to maintain at all times the conservation condition and expiration by the manufacturer


• Integration with the Medicines Catalog and Active Directory of the Hospital


• Special design and ergonomics suitable for the operation on a hospital environment

Supported formats:

• The Automatic repackaging in unit doses simplifies the process of bagging medicines and guarantees their identification by means of a unique code, thus eliminating the error of administration to the patients. In this way, it makes possible for Nursing to check electronically that the medication that is being administered coincides at all times with the one prescribed for that specific patient.



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